Eye See… Eye Learn® (ESEL)

Eye See… Eye Learn® (ESEL)

Eye See... Eye Learn® (ESEL). Oasis Eye Care CenterOasis Eye Care is a proud member of the Eye See Eye Learn program, offered through the Alberta association of optometrist.

Eye See… Eye Learn®(ESEL) is a children’s vision initiative funded by Alberta Health designed to ensure eye health and/or vision problems are not a factor in preventing children from reaching their maximum learning potential. The program offers one free pair of eye glasses for kindergarten children if prescribed by an eye doctor.

Regular eye exams are encouraged for children starting at, 6 month of age and yearly afterwards.

  • 20/20 Does not equal perfect vision. It indicates that a child can see as expected at a distance of 20 feet. This number alone does not provide information on eye health or the quality of vision
  • 25% of grade school children have vision problems that limit their potential, decreased vision can affect grades and learning capabilities if left unchecked
    Up to 60% of children diagnosed with learning difficulties have undetected vision problems
  • Of those 60% the majority will pass a vision screening test (administered by a school nurse) thus highlighting the importance of a complete eye exam

To learn more about how vision plays an important role in your child’s learning, click the link below to view You Tube Video “20/20 Isn’t Everything – A Child’s Vision is Critical to Learning.”