Vision + Preceptual Therapy

Vision/Perceptual therapy

Here at Oasis Eye Care, we are committed to providing the very best in overall eye health- Which includes Vision, Perceptual and Sports therapy

  • We offer on site vision therapy assessments and provide  customized therapy programs.
  • Dr. Sharma is also provides vision therapy secondary to traumatic brain injury, such as concussion (After a MVA or Sports injury).
  • In addition, we also specialize in perceptual therapy as well as sports vision therapy.
  • Please call our clinic to determine if such a program would fit your needs.

Vision Therapy:

  • Vision therapy is a highly customized and targeted form of visual training used to aid in various ocular conditions
  • Our goal  is to treat vision problems in addition to symptoms that cannot be treated with glasses alone
    • These are a series of  exercises directed towards specific deficiencies in the movements and/or focusing the eyes.Vision therapy
  • Vision therapy and learning disabilities:
    • Vision therapy does not correct learning disabilities. However, many children with learning disabilities will have an underlying vision problem as well.
  • It is recommended to start first with a complete eye health exam, before initiating any form of therapy.

Visual Perceptual Therapy:

  • Visual perceptual/information processing is a set of skills that we all use to gather information from our surroundings and integrate it efficiently with our senses.
  • It is important for many activities but most specially for learning.
  • Although, some perceptual exercises may incorporate visual therapy exercise the two are very different.
    • Visual perceptual therapy is directed towards perceptual dysfunctions which affect language and learning abilities.
  • In addition, visual perceptual processing is divided into categories these include: visual discrimination, visual figure ground, visual closure, visual memory, visual sequential memory, visual form constancy, visual spatial relationships, and visual-motor integration.


Sports Vision Therapy:

  • This training works with athletes to help improve there visual abilities in a specific sport; it can also extend much further into day to day activities.
  • Training is tailored to improving the visual abilities of an athlete. These skills are necessary for them to achieve excellence in their career.
  • It can include but is not limited to:
    • Hand eye coordination
    • Dynamic Visual Acuity
    • Visual reaction time
    • Depth Perception
  • In addition, athletes are at an increased risk of concussion. Over 50% of our brains pathways are related to vision, a concussion will often  result in many visual symptoms. These symptoms can affect the time in which athletes are able to return to playing, and their performance once they do return.
  • See below for more information regarding Post Trauma Vision Syndrome.

Post Trauma Vision Syndrome:

  • Symptoms of Post Trauma Vision Syndrome include:
    • Blurred vision/ Poor reading comprehension
    • Double vision/ Limited attention or concentration
    • Light sensitivity/ Poor spatial judgment
    • Reading problems/ Impaired depth perception
    • Movement of print on the page/ Poor visual memory
    • Loss of peripheral vision/ Headaches with visual tasks
  • Typically occurring after some injury to the brain
  • Treatment can include the following:
    •  Eyeglasses or contact lenses to improve eyesight
    •  Bifocal eyeglasses for better focus flexibility and reading
    • Lenses to expand peripheral awareness
    • Specialized filters to eliminate double vision
    • Prism lenses to improve spatial orientation
    • In-office Vision therapy

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