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          Children’s Vision

Here at Oasis Eye Care we specialize in children’s vision, and pediatric eye exams.  We use a wide array of methods to assess the vision of children ages 0-18. We provide comprehensive vision assessments to all children. We specialize in vision therapy as well as perceptual therapy please click here for additional information.

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  • Nearly 25% of school-aged children have vision problem’s.
  • Of children ages 3-5, close to 1 in 20 has a problem that could result in permanent vision loss if left untreated.
  • It is estimated that 80% of preschoolers do not receive any vision screenings.
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  • First eye exam is recommended at 6 months  of age

Common vision concerns with children:

  • Lazy eye:
    • 2 Types
      • Strabismus related-  True “Eye Turn”, where the eyes do not point straight ahead. Typically a muscle problem
      • Refractive Amblyopia- Large prescription in one or both eyes. This is usually asymptomatic early on and can go undetected.
        • Both eyes: Unclear retinal images presented to the brain. This can lead to permanent vision loss in both eyes
        • One eye: Means that the “good” eye takes over and the brain ignores the “bad” eye. This can eventually lead to blindness in the “bad” eye.
    • Treatment: if treated before the age of 6 most cases of amblyopia will resolve completely

We also carry a wide range of children’s glasses and sunglasses, please in store for our selection.

For more information on the importance of sun-care for children please click here


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